i spend my nights sometimes wasting my time thinking about human nature: the basis of our existence, the nature of our behavior and our core values. And it makes me wonder, how did we get to a point where hurting the others was acceptable, natural and inevitable. We got to a point where we expect nothing more than the worst in people.
We’re always waiting for that moment where the other stabs us in the back holds us down or simply walk away in order to say: “Aha! I knew you were gonna hurt me!”
Why?! Why did we stop believing in people?! Why did we give up on each others?!
I look at myself now and I wonder who my real friends are?! What is a friend by definition?
Well, to me a friend is someone who is there without needing to ask him to be. A friend is someone who won’t mind coming over on a Saturday night and just hanging out on your couch watching DVDs. A friend is someone who will call you when he gets caught by his parents sneaking out of the house at 3 am and laughing his head off. A friend is someone you can call at 5 am just so that you could break your own loneliness. A friend is someone who will hop in the car right next to you, when he knows from experience that you drive like a crazy maniac. A friend is someone you can count on to have your back even when the fault is most likely yours.
A friend is simply there to be as crazy as you are, as supportive as humanly possible, as understanding as you need him to be.
Who are our real friends in that case?
Better yet, are we good friends to the people who honored us with that title?
Somewhere along the way we lost the true deep meaning of friendship, we took for granted the people who stood by us, we ignored those who rightfully needed us! We sold out!
Friendship is the gift you give yourself! Why is it that we find it easy to hurt the people who depend on us? Why do we see the need to gossip and spill out their secrets? How come we don’t mind selling out on them and exchanging them for anyone that came along?!
Why do we give up on people so easily?!
We are a bunch of people connected to each other by a common ground. However relationships were build on Meem’s grounds. Friendships, love, businesses, families… we can’t throw these gifts just like that! We have to learn to treasure them. It’s not every day that you find people you can relate to as much as our little family. These people are the ones who are going to stand by us when the tide of society tries to wave us away. we need each other, and it’s time we learnt how to be good to each other.