I feel I lost everything
Living my life for nothing

I have nothing attached to, specially my spirituality
And to gain it again, I really don’t have the ability

I feel that God will never forgive me
This is not what he wanted me to be

I had kind of humanity
I lost it out of stupidity

At the same time, my best therapist just had a vacation
While I was living 2 weeks of depression

From the day I said bye
I was never high

How can I when I am not feeling her inside?
When she goes for a vacation, I feel as if she left me a side

Logically, I understand she needs it
But emotionally I can not accept it even a bit

I feel so lonely without her
I really miss her

She is everything I have
With her I feel so brave

To stay alive
And happily to survive

1 week past as 2 month
Where I cannot open my mouth

And say I am sad
Which made me live a hard time in my bed

Not being able to sleep
Calling you so deep

For 18 hours a day
Until I believed the last time was the last goodbye

Now, I am crying deeply
Waiting for tomorrow fearfully

But whatever happens I want to thank you
And say one last thing:” till the last breath in my life I love you”