Psychologist: Homosexuality is not an illness

Anchor: did you ever think that your husband cheated on you because he was sexually not satisfied with you
Hana2: no, men are cheaters, the man is a cheater
Anchor: I love men even with treason. I would never give up on men

Psychologist: Maybe Mrs. Hana2 has more sexually has more sexual needs than usual. In her case maybe
Sexual identity starts with the oedipus, the normal oedipus when the man gets attracted to the woman. Lesbians would seek to be obtain the man's body and for male homosexuality the man fuses with his mother and would seek to be with men like him

Omro Rifai: I love my dad, he's volatile but he was a good man
Anchor: do you think did something wrong?
Omro: yes
Achor: do you think you and your mom is one?


Anchor to Amr: did anyone abuse you?
Amr: no
Anchor: But you were abused when you were 13, how did you feel?
Amr: tricked
Anchor: as a teenager, how was your relationship with women?
Amr: Awesome, I loved them
Anchor: physically?
Amr: yes once

Anchor: How did your sexual orientation to men evolve?
Amr: My friends, they influenced me, I fantasized about them and then it evolved
Anchor: did you ever feel something stopping you inside?
Amr: there is nothing wrong about it
Anchor: what is wrong what is right? homosexuality is wrong
amr: not a lot, but I want something better

psychologist: all homos feel guilty, even those who think they are not guilty, he has all the signs that made him gay, the absence of the father, abuse at early age, recurrent sexual behavior. He used to enjoy abuse subconsciously enjoyed. He was not born gay, he acquired homosexuality. Homosexuals can change and have a stable hetero relationships

Anchor to amr: what do you find in men?
Amr: tenderness, affection
Anchor: do you look for a man like your father
Amr: no
How do you find sexual ratification? is it easy?
Amr: no
Anchor: Internet?
Amr: yes, of course, like facebook
did you ever try to stop yourself? did you work?
Amr: I tried, it didnt work, now I stopped
do you still think of men?
Amr: no khalas
Anchor: do you think of women? or of men like women
Amr: if I wanted a woman I would have been with a true woman, as god has created her

Participant from the crowd: god spoke about this and banned this completely. Think of the people of Lut. God threw rocks at them. We all sin but to see sin as right that is horrible. This is not born with people, it's acquired, by bad way to be raised, dominant mothers, god is all forgiving, but you must fight the devil.

Amr: you dont agree with what we say, right?
Participant: you say that this is what you have become, you can change
Amr: but think of me as your son would you accept me?
Participant: no, of course not.

Anchor: but I read in the washington post that homosexual relationships are not stable
Amr: but they cheat because they think it's cool
Anchor: what do you think of our societies?
Amr: retards

Reportage: a guy who prostituted himself for a man, then he met his friends and so on. They portray him in a very crappy crappy apartment. "I became perverted because of my poverty"

Anchor to psychologists: gays want to change. Homosexuality is acquired, but how does two siblings grow different
Psychologist: because it's not always about the family. The child may identify with someone else than the father

Caller: I am openly gay, I have been living here for a while in qatar and in kuweit before that. I live very normally.
Anchor: how did you tell your parents?
Call: when I was in a long relationship I told them
Anchor: how did they accept it
Call: they accpet me though they are religious, but they accept me because they love me and they love my friend.


Tawiya: I respect men and love men, they are our fathers, brothers....
Anchor: How do you seduce women
Tawiya: there is not seduction, there is attraction
Anchor: does a butchy woman attract you?
Tawiya: I am butchy, i want a feminine strong woman
Anchor: isnt that contradictory?
Tawiya: Look feminine is not weak
Anchor: do you look for sex in women?
Tawiya: No! I look for affection
Anchor: cant a man give you affection
Tawiya: Of course they can, as a father, as a brother...
Anchor: were you ever with a man physically?
Tawiya: I was engaged with two men

Psychologist: fantasies are very diverse, just as humans are

Call3 (Adel): This is unacceptable. This should be repressed

Psychologist: Society is homophobic, homophobia is a reaction to the repressed homosexual half of human beings.

Call4: I agree with the acquired theory, I was sexually abused as a kid and I tried to stop myself from homosexuality but i couldnt.

Anchor: Homosexuality is illegal in Algeria

Mohammad l Hamed (Psy): It is not normal and not acceptable

Psychologist: This is not an illness but it can be changed