Hello everyone - this is a call to an urgent action by all of us.

Wednesday, January 27 at 9.30 pm (Beirut time), LBC is going to tackle the subject of homosexuality on their show A7mar bel khatt el 3arid.

It is very important for us to watch this show to write about it, blog about it, and comment about it. It is also very important to CALL IN to express support for LGBT in Lebanon and to correct whatever wrong things they people will be saying on the show.

So please make sure you watch the show Wednesday at 9.30pm and call the numbers that appear on the screen. Call from Lebanon, the Arab world, and internationally.

When you call, here are some points you should raise:

1. Doctors, psychologists, sociologists, philosophers, and experts all agree the homosexuality is normal. Therefore, it shouldn't be treated as a topic of "a7mar bil khatt il 3areed"
2. Lebanese media should deal with this topic supportively, not just put homosxuals or transsexuals on display.
3. There are hundreds of thousands of LGBT in Lebanon and they are tax-paying citizens. They deserve full rights as anyone else.
4. Last Thursday, two gay men were beaten up brutally by soldiers on Sassine Square. This inhumanity towards homosexuals is not accepted. And existing

Meem will be blogging live on Wednesday as the show is taking place. Watch the show and have your opinion about everything.