On Wednesday, January 29, 2009, ahmar bel khat l 3arid on LBC aired a show concerning LGBTQ’s in the Arab World. The show consisted of a bunch of LGBTQ men and women who were from different countries in the Middle East. The program depicted LGBTQ’s as abused, fatherless, tormented people. This show is an insult to all the LGBTQ communities that have been working so hard to break the mould that being gay/lesbian is acquired and a disease.

The anchor of the show was disrespectful, homophobic, and subjective. He did not allow people who were advocating the gay cause to speak freely without interrupting them or cutting them off and moving on to another person. Furthermore, the show had a psychiatrist who seemed to be homophobic. Also, although there were many people attempting to call in on the show and correct their mistakes, the screening of calls were only allowing people who either disapproved of homosexuality or were not challenging the direction that the producers were trying to take.

When I initially heard that this show was going to be aired, I felt a recipe for disaster about to occur. However, never in my wildest dreams did I believe that it could have possibly become this bad. For all those who watched the show, and joined in on the discussions, there was a general consensus that the program was pathetic and basically cheated the general public from being truly educated on the subject of homosexuality.

The show was basically a commercial to get more people to watch it and to try to “cure” the gay people. I am extremely disappointed, personally insulted, and seriously hurt for the gay organizations who have worked so hard on this cause. Ahmar bel Khat l 3ared is a homophobic show and making an effort to gain a few extra ratings by tackling a controversial topic that not many know the truth about. I sincerely hope that one day; someone will really speak out and inform the public of the truth. This national and international ignorance must be corrected. Ignorance may be bliss but it is also a dangerous weapon that should be eliminated.