So now that most have left us to go and sleep in their own beds for the night, there is only 4 ladies left in the house, EG is already asleep and snoring in her office, you see, I don’t know if you know it, but we never sleep in the house, so there is no bed or any corner where you can comfortably sleep. We improvise :). But then again, it’s only 4 people for a big house, so can’t really complain.

The first day was light, we chilled and brainstormed about feminism and feministing our little group of non-conforming sexual (and some not so sexual) beings. The thing is that we never really thought about this 2 years ago when we first started meeting, we were a bunch of Lesbians that wanted to have a home, somewhere we can be ourselves, the beings that we are. Then some of us came out as “not so Lesbians” but maybe bisexuals, and others came out and then some came out as not so Lesbians, but really bisexuals, some of us were queers. And then some came out as trans people, on different points of the journey.

So we had to ask ourselves all the questions that really scratch the surface of what others label as sexuality, but it’s not really about that. We smoothly realized that our problem is not just that we are Lesbians (that was enough to provoque unprovoqued hatred for most) but come to think of it, our problem is mainly sexism. Attack sexism, eradicate it and a lot of walls would have to break down.

It took us some time to realize that simple fact. But some of us knew it all along. I remember Nadz telling me a long time ago (actually she was telling someone else and I just happened to be there in the group) that the whole problem is sexism, look all around you and you find sexism (and therefore, patriarchy). Well for me it was different, but hey it’s time to sleep…