The retreat was nice and very useful. Though we talked a lot and maybe too much, everyone managed to wrap up and fix the things that needed to be fixed. I love Meem Retreats :D.

The idea of Live Blogging was also a lot of fun, I never thought live blogging can be this fun and I certainly never thought that so many people would be interested. However, It was impossible to continue Live Blogging once the Retreat officially started, as I personally needed to talk and couldn’t just type stuff on the keyboard. In addition we had the security problem, though sometimes, censoring was a lot of fun too… I never enjoyed censorship as much as I did on Friday.

I guess in the end we all agreed that the idea of Live Blogging can and should be further developed it’s a strong and useful tool that we certainly can build on.

Now to the upcoming changes:

And yes I am so excited about the changes. You see, for a few months now, we have faced two major and severe problems with our Blog:

1. We had an error that prevented people who read our entries from making comments. What does this Blog mean if there is no way to comment on the ideas posted.
2. We cannot write in Arabic and some people had things to say, in Arabic, and we could not post any of that, unfortunately.
3. We needed to change the template, not that we don’t like the current one, but we just want something new.

So bottom line is that we are moving to a new Blog

Now of course none of the old entries will be lost, we love these contributions too much, we can’t let them go :). But by the end of this month we will have a new blog with new ideas and new pieces of art, thought and work (whatever that means). Meanwhile we will keep on posting here all the submissions.

So stay tuned and keep on writing to us.