Fellow women, how many of you haven’t faked it at least once in her life. Yes I am talking about Orgasm. And talking about that, do you know that in Egypt they still practice circumcision on Girls. And how sexist is that?! Seriously! I never imagined that, in our times, sexism would still reach a point where a girl cannot feel her clit anymore which can be, for some cases, the peak of pleasure… Or all of them: p hihi.

And it’s not only in Egypt, Africa, Arab world, Even in Lebanon they still do that in very hardcore traditional families living in the suburbs. And it’s a pity.

I think the only thing that would make that acceptable on a mean level, and make men equal to woman this time is to remove men’s Balls. But that’s not what we wish for. All we wish for is for people to leave our Clits alone, and our bodies in general, to claim them as our own properties and admit our rights of ownership of our own selves. Sounds so funny, I mean can you imagine? We don’t own our Own bodies. So lame…..

But you know, when we will achieve that “body ownership”? I believe, it’s when you make the world know that whenever 1 woman is touched therefore you are touching everywoman. And if you touch any woman’s clit or dysfunction it, it’s like hurting a bunch of crazy feminists that value there clit, and yes we do, and yes our clit deserves it.

And you don’t want to piss a bunch of crazy feminists. Or do you!

Nadz, please don’t censor that. Thank you.

Anyway you know me as usual I always randomly get out of my subject and circumcision today is not really my subject.

So anyway I’ve been addicted to this website for quite a long time: http://postsecret.blogspot.com/ and there’s one secret that touched me a lot:

It’s about a woman who is not satisfied with her marital sexual life, and to protect her husband’s feelings she is not talking with him about it.

As I said in the beginning, how many of us had once at least faked an orgasm? Or how many of us still haven’t had an orgasm with a partner? I am not talking about lesbians; I am talking about women in general here.

This taboo and protection towards the other partner especially if it’s a man is depriving a lot of woman of their right of pleasure, and we can’t blame this woman because, in our oriental society, a girl should always pretend she’s a virgin and a guy should always pretend he’s a stud, and a girl should always pretend to orgasm so she can protect the “stud’s” self esteem because women are always the ones who should sacrifice a lot of their rights for society and all those fucked up taboos that they are raised upon and breastfed , and the world should listen and know that this is not fair, and God is famous for being fair, and humans are not, therefore this whole equation about women being beneath men and not equal to them is a fake equation. This equation is, I may add, the Father of all Evils and not the mother. It’s year 2008 god damn it, what are we waiting for 2069 to talk about our sexual desires and lives, to burn our push up bras and to protect our clits and right to orgasm once and twice and millions of times. Women need to know their rights, I cannot blame them when they are living in a box of traditions and brainwashing, that’s why whenever you meet another woman who is not orgasming or who doesn’t know she is entitled to her own body, sexual life and pleasure, please tell her that she is and that it’s ok if she’s married and had orgasmed in her life before she is 40. Tell her for us women, so she’d tell her daughters that would become another generation of women. It’s not wrong it’s not “3ayb”. The “3ayb” is when you are born with a pleasure tool and they cut it for you just so you don’t feel and the more “3ayb” is when you shut up and accept it. And if you don’t know your rights the biggest “3ayb” is when other woman know about it and not tell you or do something about it.

~Imm L Meem~