People don’t ask you why you have dark hair or why your skin color is darker than theirs.People don’t ask you why you have green eyes or why your face has this shape.People don’t ask you why you are a Christian or a Muslim or Jewish or of any religion.They know that the answer to all of these questions is the same: I was born like thiswhy can’t they understand then, that we are born with our sexuality, it is not a choice that we make?i understand the fact that they find it hard to accept it and that only because they fear what they do not know.Homosexuality is in the nature around us. Some animals are homosexuals, some of them are hermaphrodites, and some are asexual.....We are all the children of God; we were all born the same way.Why do we have to be treated any different???We are all human beings, we are all living in the same world, and we all have 2 eyes, 2 arms, 2 legs and 1 heart. why can't people just use that last one for once and start looking at us as persons and not as gender or anything else to that matter....I want to grow up in a world where I can go up to a person and just say "hi I’m a bisexual" without being "destroyed" by the looks, the words and all the rest....

BI and proud


  1. Shane // 15 September 2009 at 08:07  

    i would say, that people get scared of what they dont understand, most people think that being homosexual is all about sex, and flirting... and lust..!!!

    Like Beth in the L word Said "There is much more in a lesbian relationship than just sex"

    i like the way you put your words! straight forward, straight to the point...

    "We are all human beings, we are all living in the same world, and we all have 2 eyes, 2 arms, 2 legs and 1 heart." very touching/True... I'm glad you put that phase...

    but can you answer when someone says "its the inside that matters not the looks" ?

    I Had a dog once that was GAY!!! and loved other gay dogs... it looked funny, and i laughed! but it doesnt mean i kicked him out of the house! i still took care of him, and all... just coz he was my dog ...!!! (just trying to make a point)

    The Ending

    "Bi and Proud" =)
    Keep ur head up!

  2. Alex // 15 September 2009 at 12:35  

    cI agree with pretty much everything you say in your post. If we are all equal according to God and religion, than why is being gay/bi and other sorts of sexuality and identity being regarded and treated differently from the standard straight relationships? Are the people scared of what they do not know? Yes but they better should inform themselves better about what they do not know instead of judging, condemning in advance. Most who don't understand or refuse to do so use the same old arguments again of same sex couplings not being able to procreate or raise children. Every child deserves a mother AND father, 2 mothers or 2 fathers won't work and yadda yadda yadda. So far it has NEVER been proven that children of gay couples were neglected more, had more traumas or were bullied more at school than kids from straight couples. And that gay couples would automatically have gay children is not true either. If gay couples would not be permitted to have kids because they can't have that in the natural way, well let's think of all the infertile mothers and fathers who have to use artificial ways to have children. Should they be denied kids too? If we follow the shallow thinking of the society they should not hav children indeed. But of course being straight they get a psecial treating. One standard for the normal ones another standard for the different ones, it has always been like this. Often people who can't win or have valid arguments stoop to the most shallow arguments to prove their case, but you know very well they just proved nothing at all. On the contrary they proved again that they interprete the rules and religion to their own likings so they still have the upper hand over those "evil" different people, to make sure they stay oppressed even by the ones who are not against gay people. Religion yes, it's nice, would be nicer if people started to use it for what it was initially intended. Religion was to love and help people, treat everyone, no discrimination etc. Now it's worldwide used to oppress minorities. Than again I do not dare to say that being 100% straight is the majority anymore. What people say and express towards society oppositite to what people really think and feel, there can ge a huge difference between it. If I have autism and would like to be a girl but I'm not, would I go out and scream that out to our shallow world? NO of course not, the world ain't ready for that. Hopefully one day the world will be ready (maybe we need another Messiah to wake up people and point out their shallow behavior). But now I decide to go on and hope God will be good enough to grant my wishes in a next life... That said I went to the zoo yesterday and found out that with bonobos (kind of monkeys) they do have sex regardless of gender ... And from which animal come we people again? Are we more evolved than them (I can hear people say that already)? No of course not, or have u ever heard of monkeys starting wars??? Wish you all the girl and know that you are not alone out there. Who knows one day we can be all living together on a place where we can be what we want to be :)

  3. Bi and Proud // 15 September 2009 at 19:02  

    as a reply on shane's question, what can i answer when someone says "its the inside that matters not the looks"....

    it is pretty obvious, if it is the inside that matters and not the way i look than you shouldn't have a problem with me wether i'm a girl or a boy, wether im gay, straight, bi, transgender or transexual... as long as you are ok with who i am and the way i think and my believes, you should be ok with me....
    if looks don't matter than you shouldn't care about this outer shell that is keeping us from getting closer!!!!

    ummmmm Alex, i really liked your comment and i think that you pointed out some important points and i thing you should get your comment published as a post and have your own thing :P

  4. shane // 15 September 2009 at 20:31  

    mmm... what if they don't like the inside (way of Thinking? "bad intenstions")

    what about you? what matters the most? the inside or the outside?

    i wanna know your point ...!!

    anywayz, i like the answer you gave... you know how to argue, i just love asking the questions :P haha... !!! make u think ;)

    cant wait for your next post!

  5. Alex // 15 September 2009 at 23:01  

    I want to argue about this looks don't matter it's all about the inside. Many people may claim that but the truth is that many people do judge others based on looks...

    Bap, can I call you like that? Thx for thinking I should have an own thread but I have no further ambitions on forcing my opinions on others who probably won't read that because they only read what they want to read, whatever fits in their minds, other stuff they would avoid like the plague. I am content with putting up for gay/bi people in my own way.

    I do understand the shell usage(I'm using it myself) but I don't think you need that towards people you can really trust and accept who you are. I really believe shane is such a person.

    Shane, there will always be people who don't like our way of thinking. I am perfectly aware they couldn't win if I would put my own points across. Knowledge is a big source of power. Those who codemn mostly don't know what they are talking about. It's obvious when they stoop to the same old arguments again which makes me laugh into their face because those are to stupid to believe.

    Anyway if I should make an own thread, what do you suggest (Bap) to discuss about?

    Kind regards

  6. Bi and Proud // 17 September 2009 at 19:33  


    i never judged anybody on their looks because that is what ppl did to me so i know what it feels like for someone to act with you upon something that is not true.... so i would say that the inside matters most and as long as im happy with the inside im happy!!! :P


    sure you can call me Bap, i like it!!
    umm i dont know, you can write about anything you want, you have a hell of a way of arguing and i think you could excel in any subject you choose and be sure that you would have at least bith shane and i to read your threads!!!

  7. Shane // 18 September 2009 at 10:20  

    LOL Bi and Proud... thats where you shut me up! :)

    I have just one more question!

    When are you going put another post?

    I'm looking farward to reading more of your posts!

    Keep ur head up!
    Shane.. ;)

  8. Tru // 25 September 2009 at 00:24  

    Loving the post AND loving all the comments!

    I just have one comment of my own regarding whether looks matter or not. Of course what's inside is what really counts, but do really look not matter? How would you answer if someone said "If looks don't really matter, then why don't "lesbians" go out with guys?"

    You definitely should post another opinion piece.. We'll be waiting!

    (I say "lesbians" because they wouldn't really be lesbians anymore if they were dating guys)

  9. Anonymous // 25 September 2009 at 09:38  

    hey Alex..if you don't mind,,,can i publish your a post on the blog..and if u would like to write can write and send it to the email put on the blog...waiting for your reply..and yes there are alot of people that read your comments..and i don't think after all what you sid..that you realy would care if all people are going to read it or least you know that there are some people that will read..and even those that will read what they want to read and ignore other could be sure..that you already grabed there attention and made them think what do you think..can i publish your comment as a post?

  10. Alex // 28 September 2009 at 14:30  


    Well I have thought twice about it and yes if you still want to you can use my reaction as a post. I have meanwhile created a text of my own (thx to support of Bap and Shane) which I would love to have posted. I will send it asap to the moderator. Thx for giving me a push in the back, I feel honoured :) Pls get the spelling errors out of it lol


    Well I think looks can matter but to a lesser extent. Some people like brown hair other like blonde etc, those are preferences u cannot explain. Looks are the first u see when u first meet someone so that's the first thing u use to judge. But getting to know a person better u can get to know how this person really is like. A pretty girl can be a total bitch, a not so attractive girl can be a real sweetheart. I would go for the latter any day. To answer ur question about why a lesbian girl would not date a guy, well I think it's simple and has nothing to do with looks. We all have a certain thing that is called attraction. We cannot explain but it shows us we are attracted to girls only, girls and boys, boys only. Hope that is a good answer to ur questions ...

  11. Alex // 29 September 2009 at 14:35  

    Sure you can post my comments as a post on the blog. I feel honoured. Meanwhile I have made a post myself which I have send to the moderator to be posted.


    Yea looks do matter to a certain extent. It is the first thing you see whenever you meet someone new. But if you get to know someone better you will get to know the inside of this person and that is what matters indeed. I rather have a girl that is not looking like a model but very sweet than an attractive girl who is a real bitch. To respond to your comment why a lesbian would not date a guy. Well there is something we all have which is called physical attraction. It is something you feel and cannot be explained. I’m only attracted to girls for example. I can say a guy looks cute but I’m not physically attracted to them so dating them would not work.

  12. Bi and Proud // 3 October 2009 at 00:06  

    hey TRU i just want to say that your poems really move me...

    umm when it comes to looks and lesbians dating guys i have to say that that is not what is meant by looks.

    i mean when you look at someone you create this image in your head of how they might be (i am not just talking about when you want to date someone but really the everyday basis) just by the way they look you might get surprised at the end, once you get to really know that person and know who they really are.
    when it comes to dating, lesbians dont go out with guys for the simple fact that they are not attracted to them. i mean being straight, does that mean that you have to be attracted to every male you run into??!! no, thank GOD!!!
    they also dont date every woman that passes by, it is just a matter of filling the gaps to your ideal mate. you might end up with someone not that good looking but with a personality that makes you melt.

    it is not rare for a lesbian to find her ideal in a man. in that case, she tends to become that man's friend but it doesnt go any farther because there is no attraction. ill give you an example, i am best friends with a guy and i am really close to him but that is as far as it goes. i honestly would see myself with someone with the exact same qualities but am just not attracted to him and neither him towards me. do you see where i'm going with this?

    again i stress on the point that the issue is not in the gender differences but just what the heart and body want.

    i really hope that i answered what you were talking about. if not let me know!!!!