if i try and tell you i'll make it better for you
if i promise you i won't hold you back
if i do everything i can to set you free while you're with me
if i cuddle and snuggle and take care of you
if i play with your hair and drown in you eyesif i tell you how gorgeous you are
if i honestly tell you i want you in my life
if i nurse and cradle youif i kiss you gently to sleep
if i tuck you in my arms so warmif i hold you so tight and protect you
if i promise to be there for you whenever...
if i promise i'll love you
if i promise i'll hold you
if i promise to give you anything i can give you without asking you to stay or waiting for anything in return...
if i promise i'll set you free whenever you can't stay anymore...
if i promise i'll love you just as long as i can stay...
will that be enough?!