The candle

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I had a dream
it seemed beautiful ..
it was lighting like a candle
giving hope all over the place..
giving warm feelings to me
day after day.
day after day..
and this candle started to lose the charm
started to lose the light
hope, love, faith
they all started to fade away..
it started to get dark..
you know what i mean
the hope is gone..
the faith is is gone
only love was hanging in there..
and i knew ..
it will go away..with no looking back
with cruelness it will go
with knives straight in the heart
and it will let it bleed and bleed

i know i will have scares that will keep reminding me!!

so i took a deep breathe..and a deep look
realizing that the candle is suffering since there is no air to keep it shine
and in no time
i turn it off..i let it die..
i was sad and i am still
my heart is sore with no tears..

this is my dream..
i let it die..
and it hurt
it is so painful
that i feel
so fucking high.



  1. Kim // 17 September 2009 at 20:27  

    it's a hurtful feeling to go through