A 9 years old boy cries *ana maneh loteh* as I was walking down the street of my house the other day. A bunch of kids about 8 to 11 years old were playing, and one of them yelled "yali bye5sar bkooon lot" I heard this word and wasn’t able to stop myself from watching. After they played and finished one of the boys looses so everyone was yelling "LOTeh-LOTeh"! The boy began crying and hitting them and screaming *mani loteh-maneh loteh* and everyone was just pointing at him and laughing.

I stopped thinking at this moment, I felt bad, I felt disgusted, even though they were kids , they do not even know what LOTEH means but what if one of them was really one, maybe one of them had a brother that was a LOTEH

Its just so sick to see how the minds of parents and the ignorance of people are reflecting on their children, the only thing that I thought of that moment was 3ayb!

Another day, I was going to the university, I took the bus and I already was having a bad morning when 2 girls got on the bus and sat behind me, all the way they were talking about how their friend is such a looser and they hate her so much, I was having a terrible headache and the last thing I needed was some stupid girls gossiping.

Suddenly the girl said YII ma 3rfty shu sar ?!? There is this girl bil jam3a ikhta la midre meen is sending messages to a girl telling her I missed u and I cant wait to see u and m thinking about u (with the surprising bitchy loud tune) SHAKLA HAY SOHAKYEE! So her friend was like yakkkkkkk she loves girls tfeeeeeh 3laya ,ya 3yb il shoom wa they began talking and talking, at this moment all the tension I was feeling since morning vanished and I just wanted to slap the girls behind me! I didn’t say a word and kept listening while loosing my mind and temper, so one of them said *ana bfarjya badi ifdaha bil jam3a wa farji her messages to the students* so that no one talks to her ever again I wanna ruin her life because MANA MRABAYEE!

There were 14 people in the bus and a guy was sitting beside me, I didn’t know what to say but I knew that this kind of people should be thrown in mental hospitals cus they represent nothing but sickness! I got to my destination and looked behind before getting down and all what I said is *HARAM U NEED THERAPY*.

I couldn’t stop thinking all day about what happened. How shameful and how lame people look at things, they teach children to hate the enemy and fight for their countries, they teach them to go to schools and universities, but what a fucked up mind when u don’t teach them how to accept each other!

So LOTEH saret msabbe!! OR i'll fuck up her life cus shes a SOHAKYA!

Is this what children are learning in our country today ?!?



  1. Anonymous // 18 May 2009 at 16:39  

    hey, hope you're having a good day today! don't you notice that when you're having a good day it turns out very good in every aspect?!
    we worry a lot about what other people say... I tell you what, if that's what they say about other people imagine what do they say about themselves at the moment! how they judge themselves, and how they torment themselves about what others say about them. the deepest purpose of encounters like those you've described is to get in touch with what's beyond the words.
    these are 'friends' in disguise.
    May the whole world be your friend, my dear :)

  2. kiwi // 20 May 2009 at 21:08  

    PLUS. Is it just me, or is it really sick when ppl refer to someTHING as "so gay"?