Walking down the street people stare
That's how it feels like to be gay

Your moves are watched by strangers
When people see you they see danger

You talk to a guy you are drifting
Turn to a girl and you're sinning

You live your heart on a sleeve
Wish you could pack and leave

A sparkle shines in your eye
Every time you see her smile

You see in her heart and soul
Quietly quite deep you did fall

They glance and glare at you two
You have turned them red and blue

Holding her hand softly you whisper
How you want her as lifelong partner

Looks and gossips will always follow
A gay woman who of love won't let go

~~Tru Natty~~


  1. Anonymous // 18 May 2009 at 16:44  

    To be Gay, my friend...
    is to have the highest purpose of compassion...
    of forgiveness...
    and of love...
    for gay is joy...
    and joy is Godly...
    and God is love ...
    that's the new definition of ...