Starting May 1st, marriage will no longer have genders in Sweden. The law was passed yesterday after 6 hours of discussion. This is not only a positive step for gays and Lesbians but also for transgendered individuals for example. Source: Sweden Legalizes Same Sex Marriage on

Now I won't say that I don't contradicting feelings about this. Marriage is not really what I dream to see in the whole world. I want us to re-think marriage and what it should mean.

But that's not the issue right now. The thing that got me really excited about this decision is that it is gender neutral. It is not a marriage for Gays and Lesbians. It is not a civil union. It is marriage, one, unified marriage, that involves consenting adults. They can be a homosexual, heterosexual, transsexual couple, or anything in between. It's just two people that agreed that they want to get married, to share something, or everything, or anything in between.

Now a friend of mine said something interesting when I told him about this news: They are trying to top the Gay prides and gay image thingies yalli 3am bi seero in other Europ. countries.

And he's right. At a certain moment anything can be used for publicity and competition. To be honest, that is the least of my worries. Our struggle for human dignity and unconditional respect is not commercial, it's a struggle for survival and basic human rights. We are proud people and no one should have the right to insult our pride. We are normal, with or without a paper, that allows us to be perceived as normal. We exist whether or not we have the right to live. We are a productive part of society, equally smart and equally productive to anyone else. That is why, we have a lot to give to this world, the more they give us the more society will improve, that is the message that some countries and companies are starting to pick up, and this is why homosexuality is so cool in some places. Simply because we have been marginalized for too long, we have always been cool they just never realized it before ;)