And now we start the second session, after dinner… With one Addition: IG

EG: Suppose we have everything how do we raise awareness?

Elf: Sob7iyyet

Pazuzu: Yeah I agree

Elf: I would like to go back to the target audience, who is our target audience

long conversation about the target audience

EG: ok let’s say it’s sobiyyeh, that;s one technique, what else

Elf: viral campaign, just do something fun and people will pick it up, we are young, we are women, we can attract women, and men, but we need to come up with a campaign… I dont know, universities clubs

IG: I tried doing that, I wrote a manifesto and the dean’s first reaction was: do you thnk there is equality and he was very negative

Elf: Did you try to get it through another club?

Tiny: do you have a Human rights club?

Elf: and restaurants, clubs

Pazuzu: yeah that;s the idea, inno other than the sob7iyyet we will only reach out to middle or upper class society

EG: tab what else? what else would we do for the 1st year? I dont think that in the first year we should be very confrontational. We shouldn’t go out in the first year and say abortion abortion abortion, or lesbian lesbian lesbian.

Pazuzu: inno if we go out andsay abortion, a lot of people would

The branding should not be collective oriented, it should be project oriented, so that we would not rubit in their face that we are the same people demanding it all. Inno so that the work of some (controversy) would reflect on others (more neutral stuff).

8:45 We were interrupted by the arrival of GH (golden Hawk), Sucette who have made our meeting much more fun but with the absence of Elf, who went for a small visit to the neighbors…

9:10 we start again.

EG: what other cool stuff can we put together

Sucette: song

EG was amased with the idea

Pazuzu: We can go to schools, that is the simplest

EG: take back the night… we go at 3:00 like 100 women in a street where we know are unsafe for women in the night

GH: let’s make brochures with the most basic rights of women and distribute them

Pazuzu: I think we should define and raise awareness about what is rape or harassment.

EG: what about apathy

IG: love your body campaign, it’s about loving your body as it comes in all its forms

pazuzu: maybe we can makesure it passes exactly after the Pepsi ad

GH: that’s too expensive, but you can target morning shows

EG: Tiny… do you want to do the ad buster thing?

Tiny: like in a magazine?

EG: definitely, we should have a feminist magazine, but the ad buster, anti-consumarism thing

GH: can we make it something a bit raw?

Pazuzu: but if it’s a collective thingy, and we do that, it will not attract the “plastic” society

GH: but we dont want to have a “plastic” magazine style “ashabaka”

Pazuzu: but if we want them to listen to us then we would want to use something that they would be interested in, iza ana shift something like a manshour, I would think of a7zeb

GH: no no not like that, just a simple do-it-yourself stuff.