Contemplating in the metaphysical world
the avalanche of mysteries
ana, the ocean of knowledge.
Dead-end i reached, when it came
to love, feelings, PASSION.

Age after age
wise thinkers discussed it.
But the harder it is
as u dig deeper.

I probed inside my internal feelings
for credibility floods from that
Yet frozen as an iceberg i became
scanning my emotions for my true love.

Her cruelty and rejection
made my heart a dark cave,
in its corner a twilight for hope.
The hope that one day she will be mine.
Then 2 angel wings i shall give her:
right one for passion and
the left one for security.

Till then i am no more than,
a dead body moaning for life,
and a soul crying out for freedom.
My whole life is at the palm of her hand.

To me love is a conspiracy,
were your HEART is the
HEAD conspirator.