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We scare the world, YOU and I
We even scare ourselves sometimes
I think your thoughts…and we collide on the same shore before the sun sets

This is not a movie or a cheap novel…and it’s far beyond human logic
This is something that I will take with me…when I finally close my eyes
YOU set this spirit free…and flew it to the highest places between earth and Heaven
It felt good! To breathe!
That grave I dug for myself was smothering me!
With every part of me that died… I couldn’t locate a pulse…
I didn’t know I was a beating heart…I didn’t know I was a drop of blood…
YOU healed my losses and inhaled my aching breathes
And somehow along the way…I saw me and the things I didn’t know I had in me

A short journey so far but we had to cross the valley of vultures…
On the other side…I choked in fear to throw a look on my right and not find YOU there
I looked back first…and I saw them all sickening! Crawling in the dirt of defeat…
Then I felt a warm squeeze on my right hand…I knew it was YOU…
We made it… what’s there to scare us from now on?

Maybe there won’t be a tomorrow…but who cares when I have YOU this close? Right here…
Maybe it’s true… We bent the rules that are made in nowhere by no one! So be it…
But I exist…for the first time…I can feel myself standing on a rigid ground!
No missing or dying parts! No cuts or bruises! No drama or sad stories to tell!
I don’t know…I don’t understand…I don’t fear…I don’t care…!
My fearless dream…my rocky adventure…my defining story…YOU.

From Jexy To Caroline “Babe…you’re my firefly in the dark! I LOVE YOU MY GORGEOUS!”