And when she cries, it rains

And when she look at the stars, they fall

They wish, the stars wish she will wish one day a wish and they commit suicide for her

She can just wish and from the skies they fall

And when she cries, it rains

And she doesn’t cry because of the rain, the skies rain because she cries

And the earth doesn’t really rotate, the earth only rotates around her

And the circles weren’t circles before, they softened and turned round to fit the pupil of her eye

And it wasn’t really cold because of snow, it was cold because she likes to wear her leather jacket

And the nights are not really dark, it’s only because she loves black

And the stars every night commit suicide for her

And the moon is round only because she likes pizza

And the moon is white because she likes snow, but it isn’t cold because of snow

It’s cold, it’s cold, cold, cold beneath her skin

And the wine isn’t really red, neither grapes are, the wine is only red so that when she holds the wine glass the color inside will fit her nail polish

And then she lights a cigarette and blow, blow,blow, blow smoke

And the blue, yes the blue, blue like the ocean blue, blue like the skies, and the skies feel blue, when the stars commit suicide for her and the skies are only blue because of her

And the ocean have fish simply because she likes fish and the ocean is blue because she likes it when the oceans are blue

Ad she lights her cigarette and blows, blows, blows, and she blows in the blue, forms clouds and then it rains and she’s not sad because of the rain

It always rains because she’s sad and it rains and it rains

And the stars throw themselves on her feet and the stars are circled to fit in her eyes, and then you can see the stars in the skies.yes.the ones that commit suicide for her… she keep them in her eyes

And in her eyes you see the galaxies and the skies

And she blows blows blows her cigarette

So what if everyone else dies… and the world is not the world… and the world “is” only because of her.

everynight i see a star fall for
a woman. who can blame them

im l meem