It’s funny when you find that special someone,

Someone that makes you feel


Someone that always seems to make you forget the world around you,

Someone that makes everything in your life finally make sense.

I carry her with me in my heart
She is everywhere I go, everything I see

All was perfect
Our love, our relationship, was inaccessible
Like a fairytale she managed to sweep me off my feet in an instant
With her eyes, she conquers me
One touch is all it took to make me plead for more
With a kiss I melt
However, with this love came blindness
Blindness off everything around us, blindness of reality
Blindness that hid the fact that nothing can be perfect

Months of living in my own dream
Suddenly, with no warning everything fell apart
The disappointment dwelled within me
Our hopes and dreams crushed through an instant
Our differences overcame us
Difference in beliefs

It’s funny when you find that special someone,
A unique girl in whom you believe you can not live without
A precious star you can’t stop thinking about
It’s funny when you find that special someone you have been longing for, and yet unwittingly loose her in an instant.