How can you not believe
A soul you created
A spirit you gave birth to
Throw me in a river and say goodbye
There is nothing for me to add
More than that; I can’t stand
I gave you chances
I gave you excuses
I am fed up
From your accusations
How can you break the heart
Of a being you created
How can you leave behind
A child that needed you the most
And I am heartbroken
To see the tears in my eyes
Because of you
They say that without you I’m nothing
And how many times I believed so
But it’s time to let go
All the past shall be forgotten
And the future should be built
With you out of my life
And it’s time to erase you
From the beautiful picture I have drawn
Though I know deep inside
That it is hard enough
And it’ll tear me apart
But I have done my best
And you never even tried
To make it up to me like you have said
Throw me in a river and say goodbye!
Throw me … And say goodbye!

~By L.A.~