Six of the eight men convicted of child abuse offences in a Scottish paedophile ring have received jail sentences.

The other two men, one of whom was a gay rights campaigner, are to be sentenced at a later date.

Source: Six men jailed over Scottish paedophile ring by Jessica Geen for

A network of "professional" pedophiles, who molest children (actually babies) has been detected in Scotland. The reason PinkNews would write about such an incident is that one of the offenders is a Gay man.

In a country like Lebanon, such a connection would be done automatically. After all, the anti-gay law in Lebanon, in theory, lumps homosexuals with pedophiles and individuals who perform sexual acts with animals. And of course Transsexuals are lumped into the group also as they are not recognized for who they are.

But reading such an article in a non-Middle Eastern article was surprising. In fact, we put so much effort in cleaning our image in a repressive main society that refuses to admit us as "normal" citizens, that we often make a conscious effort to deny such stories.

We have become so terrified and scared of this constant accusation of perversion and pedophilia that we immediately turn our backs and ignore it. On ILGA's What we do page. They actually state that:
LGA is committed to the fight against paedophilia.

It's kind of saddening that we constantly have to defend who we are against empty, clearly irrelevant accusations. But it is a sad stigma that we just have to fight, by staring it in the face. We are Queer and just because you think we are sick that doesn't make us so.

Read again the PinkNews article. Out of all the convicted men there were one Homosexual! So if we take the famous 10% Gays out of the general population that means that the percentage of Gay in this case is roughly equal to the general population. And yes they are arrested and put to jail, just like everyone else. And that is exactly what we want.



  1. Baneki // 8 September 2009 at 10:43  

    Glad to see you tossed in a gratuitous anti-zoo reference in the article - nicely done. Somehow, trying to argue for "equality" on the basis if sexual orientation, and then denigrating other sexual orientations that you don't understand or accept. . . I dunno, it smells of hypocrisy to me.

    I suppose it's just another example of the human tendency to find someone even more hated and pick on them - to deflect attention from one's own victim status. I found that kind of behavior disgusting when I was a kid in grade school - and I still find it disgusting when I see gay rights folks supporting bigotry against my sexual orientation in order to make themselves seem "more normal" in comparison.

    Unjust means used trying to achieve just ends rarely ends well. Something to think on. . . from someone who regularly faces death threats, vigilante attacks, and has had a family member kidnapped and held hostage while the police stand back and encourage the ongoing assaults. Then again, I guess I don't count as a "real" sexual minority because I'm not gay.

    Fausty |