Killon aloule ou3a, ou3a! ou3a tkhabre immik, baddik zghire. Bas ana ma 2dirt, fa mn ba3d ma 3milt l coming out la 7ale khabbaret imme. Kint ma3jou2a ktir w khaffi2 ktir. Imme dallit rey2a, w bl ekher alitle: ana rabbaytik sa7. Ma 3rift shou ifham.
Ba3d fatra
Ken hamma ma khabber l nes, mish la2anno mist7iyye, bas la2anno ni7na mn day3a zghire bl shmel w khefet iza 7ada 3irif l kil bya3ref.
Imme misilme mitdayne, Ktir mitdayne! w heyda lli se3ada ti2balne, la2ano bitsalem kil shi la alla.
W ba3d fatra khabaret bayye, w ken 3indo nafs raddet l fi3l, mitl ma alla birid, iza baddo titghayyare, btitghayyare.

Bisma3 ktir inti2adet inno ana misliye w m7ajabe, bas ana mitmaske bi dine w imene, khsouse l imen yalle khalla ahle yi2baloune.
Ktir nes bitfakker inno l deen i isleme aktar l adyen lli bithejem l mithliyyeen. l deen l isleme aseso i7tiram kil insen....

My mother still thinks that I am gay because my father died. My father died when I was 13, I didn't cry, I wanted to but I couldnt. Everyone was teling me I was supposed to ve strong. Suddenly, it became acceptable for me to be boyish. You could say I was happy to be seen that way. But there was always a thin line, I can have a boyish caracter but I cant love a girl. I was expected to switch back to feminity. I didn't,
Women are strong too! But at least they accept me. I wonder how everything would have been different if my father died. I know my family wouldn't accepted me as they do now. I was feeling guilty for taking advantage of his death.
13 years later I went through a very difficult break up and for the first

Ana mit7awwel l jins (transsexual). Ktashafet inno fiyye fi shi ghalat, kint deyman 7is inno 7asseyt fi shi ghalat. Ahle labbasoune fistan w 7ala2. Ahli ma edro yefhamo wad3i. Sammet 7ali Charbel 3a 3omr el 9 sneen. Harrabet 3ala 3omr el 14. Shtaghalet bi el-Batroun. 3ala 3omr el 19 harrabet 3an jdid, w seret fatesh 3a 7okama la te7weeel el jens. Men kam sene ballashet bel 3amaliyet. Seret 2ati3 nos el meshwar, ba3d 3andi 3amaliyten. Ra7 oussal, walla marra shaket bel ammer. Baddi esta2er bi lebnen, hayda baladi. Lebnen baladi kamen. Ana benet t7awallet la shab, ma 7ada byesma3 fina. Ana akid ino ossiti mekhtelfi men Boys dont Cry niheyeta. W halla2 saret mawjoudi lal 3alam te2riya.

Labels labels. Bisexual. Straight. Gay. I needed to define myself, understand myself. I dated when I was 13 and I was constantly comparing my results with other girls, and I was doing well. Then I met the girl that changed my life. The first time I saw her, at first she didn't look like a girl. I asked if she was a girl and I asked a friend if she's a girl: "Ekh, mish mbayyan", and my reply was "bit3a22ed". And then I waited till I could speak to her and I asked her for her number under the pretext of joining whatever team she was in. We became "best friends"... Then out of the blue she told me she was gay... and in love with me. I hysterically laughed to buy myself some time and gave vague answers. Then a month later, we had kissed and made love. So I broke up with my bf and saw
"Heyda byithayyaj 3a kil shi" said a gay friend. I struggled to come out as bi- to my gay friends more than my straight friends.
I am, just like you, looking for the love of my life, the only difference is that they might turn out to be any gender

Heyde manna awlawiyye ken kil li shakhs byishtighl 3a 72oo2 l insen. Lamma minshouf kil mseebe kenet t2ille rfee2te inno fi ktir kaweres bhal dine wlli byishtighlo 3a 72oo2 l mithliyyeen aneniye.
t3ibt 7s bl zanb. Ana kbirt bl 7arb l ahliyye. Ana kint hon lamma ma 3ed ma3na masare. Ba3rf inno ile 7a2 inno koon mi7miyye bas bistaghne 3an kil hal 72oo2 kirmel l 7a2 inno oul la imme inno ana mithliye.
Shou bfaddel wejeh? l 7arb walla riheb l mithliyye? Ana bfaddel l 7arb.
ghalat inno y2oulo inno l mithliyeen 3indon 72oo2on. Ghalat, hawde akaliyye mn dimn l moujtama3 l mithli.
72oo2 l insen mitrabta, 72oo2 l mithliyyeen hiyye 72oo2 l insen.