Well! Existence and existential questions!

I am a woman, and if we exclude the monks and the people who lock themselves in, somewhere, I go out, just like every other human. I go out for fun for work or just for a walk, and I’ve been thinking lately, would I ever get out of my house just for once in this country without turning into a sex object. I mean really, when they see a woman on the street, is it another human walking or just boobs and ass?
And you don’t even have to be hot or pretty or fit or have the stereotypical model’s looks, you don’t have to be wearing a skirt or a sexy top, you just have to be casual, going out to get some grocery and suddenly woops you see your head suddenly turning into a big sign with “I am a sex object” written on it.
I want to go into a cab and feel safe, not being paranoid about every word that cab driver says, worried that eventually it will end up into a blunt flirtation, and then you’d have to be mean and get out of that cab before you reach where you’re going.
I want to simply walk in the street, people take walks, right! Or stand on the road obviously waiting for a cab and not having 10 cars a second stopping with what they think is sexy look on there face to tell you “ pop in” and As If.
I don’t know who gave that impression that everywoman who doesn’t have a car or a ride and would like to go somewhere, automatically turns into a sex worker or just someone who pops into cars they don’t know.
The most recent very ironic car that stopped was a man with a little baby in his lap, assuming it’s his son; stopped and asked me if I want a ride to Beirut. And it wasn’t innocent. Innocent  my ass. Trust me, I’d really love to believe in a utopia where people ask to give you a ride just because they are nice, but it’s not the case. The case is, every time I step outside my house, I am a sex object.
And if you want to express yourself, what do you do? Give them a finger. Why not, it’s not ladylike? Ladylike, look at that word, ladies don’t give fingers to people, ladies are polite to the ones who are not, ladies don’t laugh out loud in public they just smile, ladies get raped and get silent about it, ladies are virgins who get married at the age of 18 and practice only the traditional sex position that will do the job for creating a baby, and then ladies sit at home clean and raise their kids.
Therefore a lady is a sexually frustrated person who is obviously banned from laughing and snoring out of laughter, who obviously gets abused everyday and is always silent about it because it’s ladylike.

Who wants to be a lady anyway.