Media Policy

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Dear reader,
You may have visited this page because you want to talk to some Lesbians or simply because you are a media person and you want to make a serious report or interview.
Meem obviously wishes to be in contact with the biggest portion of society. We want the non-LGBTQs to understand us for who we really are and not what social misconception has made us. We want everyone to understand that we are everywhere, we are your sisters, your mothers, your best friends, your favorite teachers, your funniest boss, your smartest employee.
However, we do are not an advocacy group, our aim is to make the Meems stronger and they will change the world in ways that are unimaginable to us. But we cannot and do not wish to out the members, coming out is a very personal experience that each should do according to their own terms. This is we apologize for being unable to do any live interviews with any newspaper, TV or radio station.
Thank you in advance for your time and your understanding.
The MeemBlog Team