On this Blog any Meem member or Meem friend can submit an article. We enjoy any posts that relates to any subject, whether you are describing a situation in which you were faced with homophobia, or a poem you want to send to your soulmate, or even a really cool design that you prepared... We love diversity!

However, we have a few rules of what we like to call common sense rules:
  1. Personal attacks are not allowed on our blog, though sometimes people and authors could be angry at a certain situation we don't like obnoxious and ridiculous curses and if we don't like something we don't post it.
  • Outing people is not allowed either, please refrain from posting or sending the real name of any Meem member or community member, if you wish to use someone's nickname, please do ask her/him before posting.
  • Blog committee members (aka the people that are responsible for the maintenance of the blog) will not edit the content, except in really extreme cases. So if you do not want typos or grammar mistakes or trunkated sentences, please do proof read the submission before sending it.
  • And of course you have to respect the Meem rules and if you still have any questions related to posting you can send us an email, we just love emails!