You are so sweet!

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I was thinking to myself,.How sweet she is?!Are you sweet like honey, chocolate, or Caramel?What am I going to feel when my lips kiss her?What kinda pleasure I am going to feel rushing in my veins!I took a moment traveling in my brain, searching for that pleasure’s pains.But after looking around, I realized, that I am still here, and she is still there.Could I hear you once again. It could be somewhere, I don’t know where.It is too much pleasure, it is too much pain,that’s what I feel when I hear her name.But I still come back and scream, I wanna hear it again.Sometime I look through out the years, all I can remember is my tears.I am writing this song for me and her. I’ll love you forever,even when she is not close to me.I have promised myself, to love her, so I won’t break my word.“My world was mess before you, but look at it now, and you are the blame.You shined my life all the way to the end. Even if you weren’t there, anymore I don’t care.When my life start to mess around, I will come back to where it begin, look at your eyes and start all over againAfter all, I think how sweet you are. Honey, chocolate, or Caramel.There is something sweeter, I say. It gives me beautiful pain.So sweet, only love I’ll gain.So baby could I taste, your love again.”

~~ Jo Dream