Obviously nowadays, anyone can launch a TV station and just blab about things they absolutely know nothing about! I was cruising through the channels, Saturday afternoon, i stumbled upon photos of Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres’ wedding…On El Jaras TV. I realized right away that the voice over really doesn’t fit nor describe what my eyes were seeing. The Presenter of this whatever show was saying: “Hayda 3eres Ellen w “Borita“…wlek shoufo kif 3am yetsarafo metel el couple el tabi3eh! 3am yere2so ma3 ba3ed!!!!” She was so in shock and hysterical and needed an urgent dose of XANAX! God Help her!
The first thing that was on my mind: “Seriously you dummy! You wanna trash them? Fine! But at least get the names right!”. And what added up, she was talking at the same time about the Indian man that married a certain animal! Is this where we belong? In the same category of man/animal marriage!? She kept displaying the photos over and over again, adding up “Hayda dod el din!“. The heavenly angels assigned her to label people and decide what’s wrong and what’s against religion! I wanted to call and ask her: “Honey, if the sight of Ellen and “Borita” sickens you this much…why do u keep displaying them?” But then again, every word she was saying was showing nothing but IGNORANCE.